Hidden Objects: World Castles – Explore a World Of Magical Castles in this Hidden Object Adventure Game!

Hidden Objects: World Castles

Explore a World Of Magical Castles in this Hidden Object Adventure Game!

Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 0Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 1Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 2Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 3Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 4Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 5Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 6Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 7Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 8Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 9Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 10Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 11Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 12Hidden Objects: World Castles screenshot 13

Hidden Objects: Magical World Castles is an enchanted game with a total of 14 Unique Enchanted Castle Worlds – Each with 4 levels of challenges – Word, Picture, Zen & Challenge modes of play for a total of 56 levels!

Enter unique and beautiful castles such as the Medieval Castle in Dublin, Ireland, Osaka Castle in Japan, Chateau de Angers Gardens, Belfast Castle, with objects, antiques, and unique items scattered everywhere!

Find items like airplanes, fruit, antiques, swords, household items, and challenge yourself to beat the clock!

Use hints if you get stuck, or can’t find objects, or try and challenge yourself without using any hints!

Play Zen Mode if you’re not in the mood for a timer, and find the objects at your own pace and leisure!

14 Unique Worlds await with a Charming Soundtrack, Stunning and realistic photos with a fun hidden object game!!

Features Include:

• Features over 14 Unique Worlds with 4 Sub-Levels in each World for a Total of 56 Levels!
• 4 Modes of play with each World Including Pictures, Words, Challenge & Zen Mode!
• Enchanted Soundtrack to accompany gameplay!
• Easy to pick up and play, saves your progress, come back at anytime to revisit levels!
• Stunning Graphics, and Realistic Castle locations littered with objects!

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Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds – Play a Spooky Game of Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds!

Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds

Play a Spooky Game of Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds!

Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 0Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 1Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 2Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 3Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 4Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 5Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 6Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 7Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 8Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 9Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 10Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 11Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 12Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 13Hidden Objects Haunted Worlds screenshot 14

Enter a World of Hidden Objects with Haunted Mansion Worlds!

Escape to over 14 Worlds with 4 sub-levels each, challenging you to find objects in 4 different ways!

Play picture mode, word mode, zen mode, and challenge, and find all the objects in the scene within the timeframe!

Use hints, and zoom in to see objects that are difficult to find!

14 Completely Unique Haunted Scenes invite you to find as many hidden objects as you can!

Skip levels and come back to them later, or play any challenge in any sequence you wish!

Haunted Mansion Worlds boasts Stunning visuals, and Graphics, with a Mesmerizing Soundtrack that will blow your mind!

Features Include:

Over 13 Uniquely designed Stunning and Haunted Worlds with Haunted Mansion, Insane Asylums, and very Haunted & Mysterious places in this adventure!

Gorgeous Soundtrack that will mesmerize and haunt you – Sound & Music can be turned on and off
Stunning objects, and antiques to find in your adventure & journey!

4-Sub Levels for each Haunted World makes for a Grand total of 52 haunting and enchanting levels to explore and navigate!

Saves your progress when you’ve completed a level – you can also come back to it later, or skip around to levels of your choice!

Fun for all ages – easy to use and navigate – includes many hint options and zoom features!

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! – Play an Enchanted & Mystical game of Hidden Objects in Secret Gardens!

Hidden Objects Secret Gardens!

Play an Enchanted & Mystical game of Hidden Objects in Secret Gardens!

Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 0Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 1Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 2Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 3Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 4Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 5Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 6Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 7Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 8Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 9Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 10Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 11Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 12Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 13Hidden Objects Secret Gardens! screenshot 14

Enter an enchanted World of the most stunning, lush, and gorgeous gardens you will ever visit in the entire world.

Explore worlds with Secret Garden Mansions, Castles, English Cottages, and Southern Ireland Gardens.

Begin my Selecting your world, and choose from one of four levels to complete including: Words, Pictures, Challenge, and Zen.

Find all the hidden objects by the words displayed below in word mode, or find them by the pictures displayed below with picture mode.

Zen Mode gives you no timer, and a relaxing game of just completing your objective to find all the hidden objects.

Challenge mode is where you are required to find a cluster of objects that are the same within the timeframe.

Plenty of hints are provided to aid you along the way, as well as a zoom button if you can’t see or find the objects by moving the screen around.

Easy to pick up and play, and enchanting, jaw dropping graphics make this a joy to play!

Play Hidden Objects Secret World Gardens today, and enjoy a magical, mystical adventure of hidden object finding!

Features Include:

Features over 9 Unique Worlds including Secret Garden Mansion, The Enchanted Kingdom, Drummomd Castle, Rose Gardens at Lismore Castle, Southern Ireland Gardens, and more locations from around the World!!

Gorgeous, detailed, and stunning photographs that will captivate the Secret World Garden theme.

A Theatrical Music track with Enchanted tunes that will mesmerize you along with the graphics – Music and Sound effects maybe be toggled on and of during gameplay

4 Modes of play for each world including: Pictures, Words, Challenge, and Zen Modes

Plenty of objects to find, mixed and matched including antiques, birds, butterflies, animals, and miscellaneous items!

Zoom button feature to find objects that are difficult to see without zoom

Hint button shows you where the difficult items are!

Great fun for the entire family: Kids and Adults alike will love this family-friendly, all age appropriate app!

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation – Hidden Object Hawaii Vacation Adventures – Find the Objects & Pictures FREE

Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation

Hidden Object Hawaii Vacation Adventures – Find the Objects & Pictures FREE

Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 0Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 1Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 2Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 3Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 4Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 5Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 6Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 7Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 8Hidden Objects Hawaii Vacation screenshot 9

Hidden Object Hawaii Vacation Adventures – Find the Objects, Pictures, and Spot the Difference Free!

Take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands, and play a fun hidden object adventure game with tons of places to explore including sandy beaches, surf shops, rocky ocean views, and many more places in Hawaii with gorgeous graphics and photos!

Hidden Objects Hawaiian Island Fantasy Vacation is one of the most beautiful hidden object games you can explore!

Over 60 unique levels in Adventure, Traditional, and Zen Modes!

Play in Adventure mode, and play over 15 scenes total including beaches in Hawaii, Trails, Majestic Waterfalls, and Serene, deep blue underwater scenes with gorgeous eye popping photographs that are of the highest quality!

Relax, kick back, and enjoy a trip to Hawaii in one of the most feature filled hidden object games you could play!

Enjoy modes like Picture, Word, and Challenge! Find objects with jumbled letters, adding to the difficulty, making this one of the most fun hidden object, photo hunter, and hidden differences: adventure games ever!

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Hidden Objects World Traveler – Travel to New York, London, Rome, Paris & More in Hidden Objects World Traveler!

Hidden Objects World Traveler

Travel to New York, London, Rome, Paris & More in Hidden Objects World Traveler!

Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 0Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 1Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 2Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 3Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 4Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 5Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 6Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 7Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 8Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 9Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 10Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 11Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 12Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 13Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 14Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 15Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 16Hidden Objects World Traveler screenshot 17

Hidden Objects World Traveler Adventures is a Massive Hidden Object full of Cities including Paris, London, Rome, Tuscany, Santorini, San Francisco, New York City, and More!

Hidden Object Adventure Games, Photo Hunter, Spot the Difference are very popular, and this one is packed with so much content!

Travel across the world at your fingertips, and visit the most exotic, popular, and most beautiful places in the entire world, and never have to leave home to do it!

Visit places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, London Bridge in foggy London, United Kingdom, Santorini Greece with Gorgeous views of the Ocean. Visit places in Italy such as Rome, Florence and picturesque Tuscany’s wine country!

Also travel to some of the most famous cities in the United States including their famous landmarks: San Francisco’s Fisherman’s wharf, Powell Street, The Pink Ladies, and the Palace of Fine arts! Also Visit New York’s Times Square, and Central Park in the fall, and fall in love with these cities all over again, all across the globe!

Find hidden objects in various modes of play including picture, word, zen, and get challenged with word scramble, and other challenges with mind-bending puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours!

Hidden Objects, Spot the Difference Games, and Photo Hunter games are all the rage, and this one is no exception with so many levels of play!

See more information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape – Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape is a fun game with over 50 levels of Puzzles!

Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape

Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape is a fun game with over 50 levels of Puzzles!

Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 0Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 1Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 2Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 3Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 4Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 5Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 6Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 7Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 8Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape screenshot 9

Hidden Objects Alcatraz Escape is a fun game with over 50 levels of Hidden Object Finding and Hunting!

Alcatraz is one of the most infamous prisons to have ever existed. Located in the San Francisco Bay, it was operated as a Federal high security prison from 1933 until 1963 when it officially closed.

Alcatraz Island is recognized as a national historic landmark, and well known for the escapees during the June 1962 escape. The prisoners chipped their way through the “Rock” and escaped on a man-made flotation device in the San Francisco Bay, never to be seen again…. so the legend says…

With little evidence to support either theory, and many questions still left unanswered, years later, the case of the escapees is still open, and begs the question – what really happened to them on that fateful night?

Did the Prisoners get away, or did they succumb to the cold and treacherous waters of the San Francisco bay?

Alcatraz saw a total of 14 separate escape attempts by 36 different prison inmates. 23 of those prisoners were caught alive, and size were shot and killed during their escape, and five are presumed taken by the ocean’s brisk waters.

Play this incredible Hidden Object Game with over 50 mini-games total, and explore the eerie island of Alcatraz including the exterior, and interior prison walls. Can you complete all the levels?

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Hidden Objects – Beverly Hills – Hidden Objects & Spot the Object Beverly Hills Photo Hunt & Finder Game Time!

Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills

Hidden Objects & Spot the Object Beverly Hills Photo Hunt & Finder Game Time!

Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 0Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 1Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 2Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 3Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 4Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 5Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 6Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 7Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 8Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 9Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 10Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 11Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 12Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 13Hidden Objects - Beverly Hills screenshot 14

Hidden Objects Beverly Hills – Photo Hunt & Finder Game Time is a classic Hidden Object Game where you play in Adventure, Chill, and Traditional Modes in over 16 Beautifully crafted scenes in the Richest, most elite town in Los Angeles!

Explore the riches of Beverly Hills California and pretend like you’re on the vacation of your dreams! Visit places like Rodeo Drive, Shops, City landscapes, Beverly Hills Mansions, Elite Million Dollar Manors, Houses and more!

Navigate your way through Spring & Summer Scenes outside Gorgeous Mansions, Manors, Shops on Rodeo Drive, and Majestic fountain gardens!

Explore the City at night with epic views of the City of Los Angeles, and the Entrance to Beverly Hills and Luxury Houses via a Luxury Vehicle!

So many Gameplay Options to explore, and tons of different items and photos to find like antiques, birds, food, and so much more!

This puzzle adventure, brain teaser, and hidden object game will have you entertained for hours in finding the various objects, which even includes word scrambler, picture mode, word jumble options and more to keep you guessing!

Explore all the mystery that this town has to offer, and embark on a quest to find all the objects in each level and finish the game!

Hidden Object Adventures, Spot the Difference Games, and Photo Hunting games are all the rage, and this game is beautifully crafted with fun music and sound effects, and is the perfect game for all ages!

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure