Secret Europe: Hidden Object – Go on an exciting journey across Europe without leaving home

Secret Europe: Hidden Object

Go on an exciting journey across Europe without leaving home

Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 0Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 1Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 2Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 3Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 4Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 5Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 6Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 7Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 8Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 9Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 10Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 11Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 12Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 13Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 14Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 15Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 16Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 17Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 18Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 19Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 20Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 21Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 22Secret Europe: Hidden Object screenshot 23

Slake your thirst for adventures and play hidden object puzzles and brain games as you uncover Secret Europe!

Do you feel like travelling but still hesitate about the destination? Or do you suffer from the lack of time or money? Take your time and play Secret Europe: Hidden objects. This family-friendly adventure game is your fun travel guide around Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy and German-speaking countries. Search for hidden objects, collect souvenirs and learn about most popular tourist attractions, as well as places known only to avid tourists.

Unlike other finding games, Secret Europe has no background mystery to uncover. Neither it features gloom, crimes, ghosts or other thrilling stories. Instead with each task completed you will learn more about national cuisine, traditions and remarkable representatives of different European countries, as well as landmarks and events worth seeing when you actually have time to travel.

Game features:
– Colorful hidden object scenes
– Learn fun facts about European countries
– Enjoy jigsaw and word puzzles
– Play casual slots to earn extra coins and powerups
– Learn about restaurants, hotels and sights worth attending
– Make collections of souvenirs and earn achievements

Where can you taste a steak roasted over a volcano? What did genius Antoni Gaudí use to hold in his pocket? When and why was a credit card invented? Can you recognize stadiums, monuments and chapels which have become the architect masterpieces over the time? Find hidden objects and discover Europe you have never thought of. Your little guides will accompany you in this adventure quest, and introduce the game basics.

This hidden object adventure is also packed with a collection of brain-teasers of various genres. Play memory match, solve riddles or complete colorful jigsaw puzzles featuring original HD photos. Join the trivia Quiz which covers multiple topics, including geography, history, science, sports and popular culture. Still out of cash? Try your luck and play slots to earn coins.
Pack up for the trip of a lifetime!

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Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds – Open the gate to the future and search for hidden symbols in a twisted reality!

Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds

Open the gate to the future and search for hidden symbols in a twisted reality!

Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 0Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 1Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 2Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 3Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 4Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 5Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 6Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 7Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 8Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 9Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 10Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 11Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 12Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 13Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 14Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 15Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 16Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 17Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 18Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 19Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds screenshot 20

The most extraordinary hidden object game of 2015!
Travel back in time, reconstruct the world chronology and search for hidden objects in Twisted Worlds: Hidden Numbers. Play with your friends absolutely free, explore whimsical hidden object locations in two dimensions and save the day!


🌟Over 20 changing locations to explore in two worlds
🌟 Over 10 Hidden Object modes for devoted finding games fans
🌟 Bubble Shooter, 2048, Match 3 and other Math puzzle games
🌟 Over 2000 tasks which disclose true historical events and forecasts for the future
🌟 Unique mechanics of crafting boosters from the found ingredients
🌟A cast of mysterious creatures to guide you
🌟 Over 70 original collections of the items in their historical progress
🌟Over 1100 days of gameplay for mystery games geeks

Once every 7,000 years the cosmic dance brings the real and its fantasy twin world together, affecting the timeline. Now you must start the time machine and find hidden objects associated with the core events of the passed years to reconstruct the world chronology. Beware! The brink between the two worlds has become too vague, so, no one could predict what reality you end up at your next time leap. Any seek-and-find location may appear in its true or mystic perspective, while the item list is presented as either hidden letters, numbers or symbols. Cleverly hidden objects on the scene, they are scattered randomly each time you enter the location, providing limitless i-spy experience. If you are an expert in hiding games, you will definitely estimate it.

As you journey to the past, you will collect souvenirs from each year you come to be in order to complete different tasks and earn experience points. As you progress through the storyline, you will witness the development of the modern civilization in its various aspects – science, technology, philosophy, politics, art and more. Each collection you complete displays the evolution of a particular instrument of human culture and make an assumption of its further advance.

Pure find it games are no fun even for true HOG addicts, so we decided to enrich the quest with a range of mini-games. Take a unique approach to popular puzzle mechanics, including match 3, bubble shooter and 2048.

An unforgettable adventure is the one you can share with your friends. So, if they like to play free hidden object games, be sure to invite them to Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds. Don’t miss the chance to exchange collectible items, send and receive free gifts and enjoy special promotions. The more Facebook friends join the game, the more generous reward awaits you.

So, if you are fed up with ordinary seek and find games, it’s time for the quest of your life! Find yourself in a twisted reality, search for a hidden symbol, decipher the meaning of the secret numbers and open the gate to the future in this breathtaking sci-fi adventure game!

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Viber Twilight Town – Find clues to solve a murder mystery and complement a puzzle quest!

Viber Twilight Town

Find clues to solve a murder mystery and complement a puzzle quest!

Viber Twilight Town screenshot 0Viber Twilight Town screenshot 1Viber Twilight Town screenshot 2Viber Twilight Town screenshot 3Viber Twilight Town screenshot 4Viber Twilight Town screenshot 5Viber Twilight Town screenshot 6Viber Twilight Town screenshot 7Viber Twilight Town screenshot 8Viber Twilight Town screenshot 9Viber Twilight Town screenshot 10Viber Twilight Town screenshot 11Viber Twilight Town screenshot 12Viber Twilight Town screenshot 13Viber Twilight Town screenshot 14

This hidden object game takes you on a spine-chilling adventure. Find clues to solve a murder mystery and complement your puzzle quest with various arcade mini-games.


– A treat for hidden object game addicts
– Become a detective and solve mystical crimes
– A collection of puzzle games, from riddles to match 3
– Themed casino with free slots
– Time management activities on the map
– An entire virtual world for your Viber friends

A sudden inheritance sends you on a puzzle quest to the city where everyone seems to have a skeleton in the cupboard. The last of your family, you must now enter into the eternal war between the good and the evil in this free adventure game.

Zoom in the map to discover different locations, each with hidden object scenes or puzzle games to enjoy. For instance, drop in to the Jeweller’s Shop to play match 3 or visit the Library to solve a word puzzle and learn another urban legend. “Big Win” Casino is open 24/7 and offers various slots, including Wheel of Fortune and roulette. Local gossip, daily tasks, and dozens of activities emerging on the map give an opportunity for you to display your strategy skills and get involved in the city life. In a word, this adventure game is set in an evolving virtual world where every player is welcome to communicate and invite their Viber friends.

However, Viber Twilight Town is first and foremost a seek and find game, but features far more variety compared to other games. Find hidden objects by list or outlines, in the darkness or in reflections. Fans of find it games might be also familiar with anomalies, which introduce special challenges, like colour effects. This feature contributes to playing experience and varies the search for hidden objects.
So, if you like mystical games, Viber Twilight Town is your next favourite!

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Hidden Objects: Twilight Town – Delve up the darkest secrets of mystical city and unravel the web of intrigues!

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town

Delve up the darkest secrets of mystical city and unravel the web of intrigues!

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 0Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 1Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 2Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 3Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 4Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 5Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 6Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 7Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 8Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 9Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 10Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 11Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 12Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 13Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 14Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 15Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 16Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 17Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 18Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 19Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 20Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 21Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 22Hidden Objects: Twilight Town screenshot 23

Are you brave enough to uncover the dark secret of Twilight Town and stop the villains before it’s too late? Get ready to discover the truth in this stunning mix of hidden objects and city building games full of twists and turns! Along the way of your own detective investigation you’ll be solving tons of clever puzzles and special mini-games.

The last in your line, you have been summoned to Twilight Town to become the Judge of the Others. It’s up to you to investigate the mysterious death or your predecessor. Constantine was down on something, but was removed from the board before exposing the culprit. As you look into the entanglement of clues, you soon learn there’s more to this town than meets the eye.
Everyone seems to have double life, and you’d better trust no one playing Hidden Objects: Twilight Town, a mystery adventure quest. The time has come to unravel the web of intrigues, choose your side in the eternal war between vampires and werewolves and protect people from the evil. The Others need their Judge!

* Display your city building strategy skills
* Delve up the mystery adventure quest
* Explore richly detailed hidden object scenes
* Complete 100 magic collections
* Fight the evil with might and magic
* Run your own detective investigation to track down the villain
* Manage goods supply, care about the citizens and improve your reputation
* Meet a colorful cast of characters, each in two guises
* Solve clever word puzzles
* Earn coins in Match 3 mini-game
* Win artifacts and cash in a spooky casino

The fate of the Twilight Town uncertain untill you stop the villains before they unleash powerful forces that will destroy the mystical city.

This unique detective quest combines the features of a city builder and finding games. That implies solving ordinary time management problems: taking care of cargoes, shipping and production in the town, keeping the citizens entertained and happy with their scale of living… and protect them from wicked sorcerers, bloodthirsty vampires and vicious werewolves. However, you won’t be able to display your strategy talents and build up your town unless you make a fortune. Explore beautifully drawn and richly colored hidden object scenes and display your Match 3 skills to earn some cash. Like gambling? Visit our casino try your luck at the roulette table and Wheel of Fortune, or just play slots. Solve word puzzles to learn the history of Twilight Town, find enchanted collectibles, and proceed through mystery adventure quest!

Don’t forget that Twilight Town is the cradle of the powerful creatures, so be ready for constant scheming, natural disasters and secret affairs. A handsome guy from the pub over the corner could very well be a werewolf, an emotional actress threatens to get the world frozen because of a broken heart, and dark rumours about ancient ruins and a misty mountain in the uptown spread along. So, watch you back, and search for the clues in 19 seek-and-find locations. Run your own crime investigations and restore law and order in your new estate.

This adventure will turn your world upside down. Delve up the darkest secrets of the mystical city and discover a stunning mix of hidden objects and city building games.

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town is a rare find for all mystery games fans as it puts a hidden object adventure in the eerie setting, featuring outwardly creatures and ancient mysteries.

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Full Pipe Adventure – A quirky point-and-click adventure from an award-winning animation artist.

Full Pipe Adventure

A quirky point-and-click adventure from an award-winning animation artist.

Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 0Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 1Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 2Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 3Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 4Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 5Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 6Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 7Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 8Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 9Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 10Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 11Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 12Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 13Full Pipe Adventure screenshot 14

Feeling nostalgic for puzzle adventure games? Jump down Full Pipe for a mind-bending adventure quest with a range of complementary brain-teaser and arcade games.

Once upon a time an odd character we’d rather call Dude found a hatch beneath his bed. And what seemed like an ordinary morning turned the strangest puzzle adventure in his life. Follow Dude in this this absolutely inconceivable brain-teaser for true fans of point and click adventure games. Discover a secret yet absolutely real and unexplored world with a cast of quirky dwellers.

Features of this adventure quest:

* classic video game brought to mobile with new features introduced
* 50 unique characters – head-feet, single-eyed, ear-winged and long-necked, but still so cute and naive.
* A wonderful and shocking video game for those who prefer mid-core games with a good deal of thought and humor.
* 6+ hours in this obscure world with hidden threats and moments of pure joy.
* 38 gorgeous locations that create the atmosphere of adventure game.
* 8 original swiping and tapping arcade games
* Advanced hint system to let make it through the most tricky game twists.

Nowadays is the time when adventure quest get second life on smartphones and tablets. Full Pipe is one of those hit point and click adventure games which well fits the purpose. Like other elaborated touch-friendly games, this adventure quest gives players the full swing of tapping, swiping, climbing, jumping and whatever else you expect from a fun puzzle adventure game. It also stands to reason that mobile version of Full Pipe features a range of enhancements, including advanced step-by-step hints system. While smart puzzles will make you squeeze the best of your logic skills and encourages you to think outside the box, this smart game walkthrough lets you enjoy the challenge and never leaves you in dead end.

So, if you long for top-notch point and click adventure games, don’t miss this comic adventure quest. Explore a crazy underground universe full of pipes, hatches, secret passages and traps. Find and apply stuff, search for hides and earn various achievements. Take advantage of the integrated Full Pipe walkthrough in this new installment to one of the best adventure games.

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Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery – Only you can solve the secret of sudden disappearance of the mankind.

Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery

Only you can solve the secret of sudden disappearance of the mankind.

Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 0Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 1Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 2Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 3Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 4Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 5Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 6Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 7Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 8Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 9Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 10Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 11Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 12Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 13Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery screenshot 14

Plunge deep in a whirlwind adventure with Time Gap hidden object mystery game. Unravel wonderful facts about Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Lincoln and Einstein as you try to save the day. Travel around the world with the help of an interactive map, complete multiple tasks, assemble diverse collections and engage in numerous minigames. It’s time to challenge the destiny!

It’s more than the original storyline and unexpected ending that makes this finding game so addicting. Featuring elements of various game genres,like hidden objects, adventure, Match-3, Bubble Shooter, Snooker, it provides incredibly rich playing experience of this.

Features of Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery:

– Complete countless tasks and play for months!
– Enjoy exciting Bubble Shooter mini-game. Chase the fire storm!
– 100+ levels in Match 3, Bubble Shooter and Snooker mini-games
– Snooker mini-game is available! Play it by tapping the Storm on the world map
– You also can enjoy the enhanced Match 3 mini-game
– Try your luck in Cleopatra’s Casino any time
– Attention! UFO has arrived to Earth! You can find it on the map!
– Experience diverse hidden object gameplay
– Discover interesting facts about the outstanding personalities
– Watch for updates to access new content of this adventure quest

The age of wonders

Following the storyline you will travel across the globe and explore various hidden object locations. Thus you raise your skill level and gain experience to unlock more spots on the interactive map. Various anomalies and natural disasters diversify the gameplay of adventure, so sometimes you will have to complete the hidden object scenes in pitch darkness, or face the item list with mixed letters. Don’t give way to despair – all kinds of power-ups will let you cope with any trouble your encounter!

Scouring hidden object locations you will also come across numerous collectibles and special items. These are needed to comply with the requests of the wraiths who will guide you through this exciting adventure game. Your diary will keep track of all the given tasks, because there may be a few of them at a time. Check it regularly, and learn interesting facts about your haunted companions and key information on the game story to finally return the Earth to the humanity.

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Mystery Expedition: Adventure – Go on a chilling hidden object adventure to discover legendary Inuit treasure!

Mystery Expedition: Adventure

Go on a chilling hidden object adventure to discover legendary Inuit treasure!

Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 0Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 1Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 2Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 3Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 4Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 5Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 6Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 7Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 8Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 9Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 10Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 11Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 12Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 13Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 14Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 15Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 16Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 17Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 18Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 19Mystery Expedition: Adventure screenshot 20

Go on a chilling hidden object adventure to discover the legendary Inuit treasure. Find the lost expedition and solve thematic puzzles as a tale of terror unfolds.

TRY it first, then PAY once and PLAY this dark mystery adventure game forever offline!

Enticed by the legend of a secret temple of gold, your grandfather sailed to the icebound Arctic to never return. Follow his steps and find the hidden expedition as you collect coins and buy amusements for your penguin. Spot the beyond objects and furnish your igloo with ancient relics, dropped by your ancestor. Face the monster polar bear, which is anything but an animal, and challenge the God of Wishes himself.

Game features:

* 40+ locations with 3 types of collectibles to pick
* 22 thematic mini-games and puzzlers
* Over a dozen of hidden objects scenes to explore
* Jigsaw puzzles as an alternative to finding tasks
* Stunning cinematics and real actors as characters
* Your own igloo with a playful animal companion
* 3 difficulty modes and various achievements

Inspired by the Inuit mythology, this adventure game will squeeze the most of you logic, introducing new look to your favorite puzzles and skill games. Thus, the entanglement of ropes resembles sticks game, virus puzzle is actually bubble filler, and so on. Sudoku and pipe puzzles, as well as memory and matching games are all designed to maintain the fascination of the frozen Arctic wastelands.
By the way, all find and apply hidden object puzzles have an alternative mosaic mode. If you prefer to solve jigsaw puzzles, you are welcome to switch to it any time. So, whether or not you are a fan of find it games, Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice is your key to unforgettable adventure.

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