Yukkuri My Friends – "Yukkuri" nurturing simuration game!

Yukkuri My Friends

"Yukkuri" nurturing simuration game!

Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 0Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 1Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 2Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 3Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 4Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 5Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 6Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 7Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 8Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 9Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 10Yukkuri My Friends screenshot 11

This is “Yukkuri” nurturing simulation game.

Yukkuri like manju. And they will grow to eat the Manju.

Grown Yukkuri would go on a journey.

To look for the “Legendary Manju”.

In the process, they will put on a display of fierce battle.

Yukkuri shite ittene!!!

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


Super Jungle World Adventure – Super Jungle World Adventure is a retro Maryo bros game like Jabber, Lep or Nob.

Super Jungle World Adventure

Super Jungle World Adventure is a retro Maryo bros game like Jabber, Lep or Nob.

Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 0Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 1Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 2Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 3Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 4Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 5Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 6Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 7Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 8Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 9Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 10Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 11Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 12Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 13Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 14Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 15Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 16Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 17Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 18Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 19Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 20Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 21Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 22Super Jungle World Adventure screenshot 23

Super Jungle World Adventure is the best classic, retro adventure platform game like Maryo bros, Jabber, Lep or Nob. In this super world, super smash kong must shoot, fight and smash enemies, find items to pass stages. Like Maryo bros or Lep, he runs and jumps across platforms and stops enemies and antagonists during the levels. He has to collect coins in order to buy new lives, or bullets.
Game features:
+ Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic platform games
+ Shoot and fight over 20 enemies and antagonists
+ Several items to collect including lives
+ Jump across destroyable blocks and run across beautiful worlds
+ Beautiful high-resolution graphics
+ Play with different characters
+ Boss fights
+ Over 20 obstacles
+ 4 beautiful worlds with 36 hardcore levels
+ Buy new lives and bullets with coins
+ Catchy music and sound effects
+ Hidden bonuses
+ More levels coming soon
+ More characters coming soon
+ Invite Facebook friends

Download Super Jungle World Adventure now! It is a cool game for everyone.
Try it out now and enjoy!

Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

GPS Monster Scouter – Explore the real world and catch monsters, using just your device's GPS!

GPS Monster Scouter

Explore the real world and catch monsters, using just your device’s GPS!

GPS Monster Scouter screenshot 0GPS Monster Scouter screenshot 1GPS Monster Scouter screenshot 2GPS Monster Scouter screenshot 3GPS Monster Scouter screenshot 4GPS Monster Scouter screenshot 5GPS Monster Scouter screenshot 6GPS Monster Scouter screenshot 7

Explore the real world and catch monsters, using just your device’s GPS!
Download a fanmade Data Pack containing your favorite set of monsters. They can be anything! You can also create yours.

The entire world is made of regions and routes, as well as habitats where monsters live.
Train your personal team of six monsters to become the best!
Battle gym leaders and elites while you travel through a region, earn badges and become the champion!
Stay sharp as you explore to find hidden lost items through the use of a radar.
Zoom out your view to see the entire region and find your way.
Challenge npc trainers, and help them become stronger.

No online connection required to play, except when downloading a data pack.
Future multiplayer modes to trade and battle.
Data Packs are fanmade and they contain all the data regarding the monsters. The app does not contain any data or image or music coming from data packs.

This is my first android experiment, help me improve it! Thank you!

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Sans Adventure 2 – Sans amazing adventure run to get candys

Sans Adventure 2

Sans amazing adventure run to get candys

Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 0Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 1Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 2Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 3Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 4Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 5Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 6Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 7Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 8Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 9Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 10Sans Adventure 2 screenshot 11

Sans Adventure is an amazing running and jumping adventure game .
Sans lost her gold in city .So she is going to saving her gold ,there are many hindrances. Would you like to help her?
★ Game play ★

– Tap to jump and double tap to double jump
– Run sans Undertale
– Collect more coins as many as you can
– Save all of little Asriel .
– run sans out of the danger gear

★ Features ★

– Lovely golden flowey and sans undertale
– Great pictures and exciting animation
– it’s like toriel game and Sans .
– More levels you can play and full of danger in jungle undertake

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure – Get the Kids Ninja turtles through a new adventure of jungle.

Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure

Get the Kids Ninja turtles through a new adventure of jungle.

Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 0Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 1Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 2Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 3Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 4Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 5Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 6Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 7Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 8Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 9Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 10Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 11Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 12Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 13Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 14Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 15Teenage Ninja Turtle Adventure screenshot 16

Once upon a time there were 2 families of teenage ninja turtles living in the same jungle.
there are a lot of kids in both families who were growing steadily.

Those ninja turtles spend a lot of time in swimming , playing and enjoying the water resources and the tunnel
behind their homes. there were greenery side by side their homes. that beautiful site attracted
many people towards them but that little ninja kids did’t like human interference in their fields.
They wanted to live alone in an open and easy life.

Once a fisherman came to pick their sweet children, that small ninja turtles left that place but some children left behind, fisherman picked one tortoise and asked him to collect money for him in jungle and his survival is in danger.

The game is specially designed for children and adults for their entertainment.

what you have to do???
you have to keep turtle alive and pick a lot of fruits, so that fisher man cold release the turtle honey and he can survive easily.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure