Floppy Witch – Tap on the screen to control your witch and avoid obstacles

Floppy Witch

Tap on the screen to control your witch and avoid obstacles

Floppy Witch screenshot 0Floppy Witch screenshot 1Floppy Witch screenshot 2

How did you get the record? Try Floppy Witch now!
– One Touch Control.
– Lots of fun.
– Nice graphics.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


Puzzle & Dragons Radar – A Puzzle & Dragons-themed treasure hunting app has arrived!

Puzzle & Dragons Radar

A Puzzle & Dragons-themed treasure hunting app has arrived!

Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 0Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 1Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 2Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 3Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 4Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 5Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 6Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 7Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 8Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 9Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 10Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 11Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 12Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 13Puzzle & Dragons Radar screenshot 14

A Puzzle & Dragons-themed treasure hunting app has arrived!

Featuring the characters of hit puzzle RPG Puzzle & Dragons, this app lets you hunt for treasure with GPS!
Time to embark on a new treasure hunting quest!

* About Puzzle & Dragons Radar *
Puzzle & Dragons Radar is a game in which GPS location information is used to reveal Orbs, treasure, and other collectible bonuses on the in-game map.
This original game progresses as you go about your daily activities!

* Search the Map!
Tap the Search button to reveal nearby Orbs on the map!
Touching the Orbs allows you to collect them. Collected Orbs can then be exchanged for bonus items!

* Connect with Puzzle & Dragons!
By linking the two apps, bonus items collected in Puzzle & Dragons Radar may be enjoyed in the main Puzzle & Dragons game.
Boost your daily Puzzle & Dragons experience with Puzzle & Dragons Radar!

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Loquiz – Play games created with Loquiz team game platform.


Play games created with Loquiz team game platform.

Loquiz screenshot 0Loquiz screenshot 1Loquiz screenshot 2Loquiz screenshot 3Loquiz screenshot 4Loquiz screenshot 5Loquiz screenshot 6Loquiz screenshot 7Loquiz screenshot 8Loquiz screenshot 9

Front end client for the Loquiz PRO game creation environment for event professionals. Create your games and let others play it by providing event specific log in info.

Loquiz is an indoor-outdoor team game platform for occasions where many teams play at the same time. It is ideal for event professionals to spice up their occasions.

Different game types for different occasions.

* game flow designed for group events
* simple game briefing process
* high contrast design for good visibility outdoors
* robust – continue a game even on a different device
* online real time game results
* custom logo can be used per event basis
* translate to native language

Create your account and games at loquiz_com

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: goo.gl/rCjqWK

Romeo Adventures : The Journey – Join Romeo and save the party in this awesome 2D platform games!

Romeo Adventures : The Journey

Join Romeo and save the party in this awesome 2D platform games!

Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 0Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 1Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 2Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 3Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 4Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 5Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 6Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 7Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 8Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 9Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 10Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 11Romeo Adventures : The Journey screenshot 12

Romeo Adventures is a 2D platform video game. Jump to the underworld and fight monsters avoid gaps and all types of geometry obstacles, you will crush Giant monsters and clash creatures in this awesome color world, dash ahead to the temple castle, solve and switch the puzzles, Swim in pool Collect treasures and stars, run if you face the angry dragon, you’ll get new skills each time you defeat a dinosaur big boss, Your mission is to bring the Easter eggs to your uncle.
The story begins when the king made a challenge among his Royal Chefs: “I, your king, promise you that whoever makes the best birthday cake for my son will become the Master Chef of the palace!”
In order for your uncle to make the best cake and earn the prestigious title, you must bring him four Easter Eggs from the Underworld. Your Journey begins when you fall down into the Underworld. You will face all types of enemies and fight giant monsters. This game has 15 well-designed levels with a fun story, catchy music and an awesome game play.
What are you waiting for, GO FOR IT ROMEO!

Features :

– 15 Stages
– HD resolution
– Beautiful game play

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Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Santa In Trouble! – Christmas themed Platformer game played best in coldest days of the year!

Santa In Trouble!

Christmas themed Platformer game played best in coldest days of the year!

Santa In Trouble! screenshot 0Santa In Trouble! screenshot 1Santa In Trouble! screenshot 2Santa In Trouble! screenshot 3Santa In Trouble! screenshot 4Santa In Trouble! screenshot 5Santa In Trouble! screenshot 6Santa In Trouble! screenshot 7Santa In Trouble! screenshot 8Santa In Trouble! screenshot 9Santa In Trouble! screenshot 10Santa In Trouble! screenshot 11Santa In Trouble! screenshot 12Santa In Trouble! screenshot 13Santa In Trouble! screenshot 14Santa In Trouble! screenshot 15

Santa lost all the gifts! Help him recover them all.

Get ready for a classic side scrolling 3D platform game with hand painted beautiful levels which remains true to the games of Arcade generation!


– Stunning cartoon-like console graphics.
– Challenging Gameplay
– Classical Platform game with gorgeous 3D environments.
– Tight responsive controls
– Beautiful soundtrack consisting of classic Christmas tunes.
– Fun for gamers of any age.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Rolling Roll – Running Game – Run, jump, dash and slide over and around in this crazy running game!

Rolling Roll - Running Game

Run, jump, dash and slide over and around in this crazy running game!

Rolling Roll - Running Game screenshot 0Rolling Roll - Running Game screenshot 1Rolling Roll - Running Game screenshot 2Rolling Roll - Running Game screenshot 3Rolling Roll - Running Game screenshot 4Rolling Roll - Running Game screenshot 5Rolling Roll - Running Game screenshot 6Rolling Roll - Running Game screenshot 7

Run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of different and WACKY obstacles in this crazy new endless running game!
The addictive mega-hit Rolling Roll is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it – can you beat their high scores?!

Boost your gears, swing, run and jump!
This FREE run game is even much better! Enhanced animated graphics and amazing game play!
But be careful, very addictive!
This game is about funny rolling roll which is traveling through different worlds!
Use the joystick to move the rolling roll to his goal and be sure to knock out all the stars along the way. Watch out for the bad guys! Jumping on them is good…

How to play
– Tap the screen at the right for jump
– Control the direction with joystick at the left
– Catch the coins for bonus score
– Mind the gap and the obstacles on the road.

Forget the temple, jungles and subway stations – the new worlds await you!
Test your reflexes as you race down ancient worlds. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, unlock new characters, and see how far you can run!

Rolling Roll is a FREE game with addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Lost in foreign lands, run for your life!
Enjoy this exciting, fast-paced running game, make the rolling roll run, jump, slide and glide to safety. Use your reflexes to control the roll’s movements. Are you up for the challenge? Find out in this action-packed runner!

There are a lot of challenge and the nice 3D environment. Let goo…to play this game you will have an run trips. Some time you can surf in the ground, jump and acrobatic and more action. Dodge the trucks and some obstacles you will get success. This game will check how is your agility. Dash the screen as fast as you can or you will be defeat.

Discover new worlds, different running styles and grab boosts on the go. Running will pay off – you’ll be able to build your very own dream home from the ground up…

Rolling Roll is the best free running game where you can meet you new best friend and go for a run! Choose your pet pal and dash your way through the city and park for fun running adventures!

Run, slide and leap your way across the city, suburbs, park and forest! Dash forward as fast as you can, dodge obstacles and collect coins! Swipe past trees, slide under funky city birds and jump over logs, broken fire hydrants and even swimming baby ducks! Take a trip down a fun park slide to reach mega heights! The city is your dog show, and the obstacles are your agility course!

Game Features:
★ Colorful HD graphics!
★ Run across the city or through the park!
★ Dodge obstacles and collect coins!
★ Use awesome power ups!
★ Activate rainbow mode!
★ Collect coins to upgrade and earn boosters!
★ Come back every day for new rewards!
★ Beat your friends high score!
★ Stay tuned for more content and new levels!

This game is so easy, simple and super entertainment. Must try and get your hands on these unbelievable easy to play and run the fun games. It is tough, but a true warrior will never stop!

Rolling Roll is the Best games target amazing adventure for your mobile phone. Enjoy the platform Rolling Roll levels that we made for you. The lovely scenes vary very fast. Rolling Roll game is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for.

Download this amazing adventure running game for hours of fun, and sleepless night!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure

Kids vs. Pirates – Joyful colorful little platformer :-) Do you like sea & adventures? So do I :-)

Kids vs. Pirates

Joyful colorful little platformer 🙂 Do you like sea & adventures? So do I 🙂

Kids vs. Pirates screenshot 0Kids vs. Pirates screenshot 1

You are brave pirates hunter ! You kill pirates for bounty… and fun 🙂

Kids vs. Pirates – if you are a kid (or a pirate) this game is right for you 🙂

This game is for those kids who like sea, would love to go on adventure and appreciate joyful cartoon style… Which means for everyone!
Once you played the game in normal mode, check out ‘fleas’ mode – it’s hilarious!
5 colorful cartoony levels bring you fun and train your patience. This game is not for mind-less rushing forward. Enemies can be right behind (the screen) corner! Tilt your device carefully!

If you are a kid, you will like and rate this game high 🙂 ! If you are pirate you will probably dislike and rate low. But hey! it was your own choice to become a pirate, don’t blame our game!

How to play: touch ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ arrow buttons to move, use ‘Jump’ & ‘Attack’ to … well, take a guess 😀

My great gratitude goes to Xamarin developers, and MonoGame developers – thank you so much for wonderful tools! I ported from Windows to Android in 1 day!

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure