Salvadores do espaço – Saviors of space is an adventure game in the style side-scrolling shooter.

Salvadores do espaço

Saviors of space is an adventure game in the style side-scrolling shooter.

Salvadores do espaço screenshot 0Salvadores do espaço screenshot 1Salvadores do espaço screenshot 2Salvadores do espaço screenshot 3Salvadores do espaço screenshot 4Salvadores do espaço screenshot 5Salvadores do espaço screenshot 6


Saviors of space is an adventure game to metroidvania-side-scrolling-shooter style where the player will control a drone in order to rescue endangered animals and detect trees visiting the six major biomes. The game mechanics used as the Super Nintendo classic reference as Choplifter 3, Super Metroid and R-type. Saviors of space is one of the winners Inovapps games 2015 edition.


In a dystopian future, where human technology amounted to never before seen limits, humans abandoned the inhospitable planet in search of other habitable worlds, leaving behind all living things that could not take. The machines built for the exploitation of natural resources have not ceased to operate and become very dangerous. A mysterious aircraft appeared in the Earth’s atmosphere to rescue the animals that inhabit hibernation containers that will keep them alive indefinitely.


1) Rescue more than 70 species of endangered animals.
2) detect more than 30 Brazilian trees.
3) Explore the 6 major biomes: Amazon, Caatinga, Cerrado, Atlantic Forest, Pantanal and Pampas.
4) Collect orbs representing three types of sustainable energy: Biomass, Solar Energy and Wind Energy.
5) Answer questions related to animals, trees and biomes explored in the game.
6) And fight against the machines created by humans in order to exploit the natural resources.


The realization of this project is due to the promotion of Inovapps contest sponsored by the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation Communications – MCTIC, and Holdon game studio.
The development Savers space included:

* Antonio Perez – Programmer
* Rafael Ferreoli – Game designer
* Jony Marcondes – Music and sound effects
* Douglas Docelino – Illustrator
* Luana Barros – Supervision

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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