ADV レイジングループ – The constriction of the wolf.The Tayase the Yomibito.Returning to death by maintaining the memory,And solve the mystery of "human wolf Village".

ADV レイジングループ

The constriction of the wolf.The Tayase the Yomibito.Returning to death by maintaining the memory,And solve the mystery of "human wolf Village".

ADV レイジングループ screenshot 0ADV レイジングループ screenshot 1ADV レイジングループ screenshot 2ADV レイジングループ screenshot 3ADV レイジングループ screenshot 4ADV レイジングループ screenshot 5ADV レイジングループ screenshot 6ADV レイジングループ screenshot 7ADV レイジングループ screenshot 8ADV レイジングループ screenshot 9ADV レイジングループ screenshot 10ADV レイジングループ screenshot 11ADV レイジングループ screenshot 12ADV レイジングループ screenshot 13ADV レイジングループ screenshot 14

※ Note ※ In this game you can enjoy for free the “main route one + α”. Main and extra content of the later can be purchased within the app. There is also the main part and the extra content five became set “Premium Set” (search for “Raging loop”!)

※ Download the external data of about 500MB at the time of the first start-up. In addition it is recommended to provide the body free space of about 1.5GB Upon installation.

◆ ◇ “werewolf game” + “J horror suspense!” ◇ ◆
In recent years its popularity is becoming a steadfast “werewolf game (thou people wolf Nari and?)”, “Dark gray of the butterfly,” “shooting Gabi Tono melody,” “DMLC- Deathmatch romantic comedy -” the scenario writer, eerie & arrange realistic! And the eerie faith to be deployed in the mountains of the village to keep the strange custom in modern Japan, the murder ritual called “Hades meaning of the feast”, will challenge bike travelers Bow stone Yangming (blocked Shi autumn spring) is.

◆ ◇ return death to hold the memory! ◇ ◆
Hero and Yang Ming is caught in the loop phenomenon referred to as a “return to the death”. Each time you die among the “feast”, for it is returned to “square one” in a state of maintaining the fragmentary memory. To death in exchange for again and again, to obtain information “KEY” to pave the way, to release the locked choices, let’s escape from the labyrinth of the “return to the death” and “Feast”.

◆ ◇ voice to the music, unprecedented luxury specification! ◇ ◆
By “KEMCO × dwango” unusual collaboration, “DWANGO Creative School” belongs voice actor boundaries of the future star us, breathe the soul to the characters who up to 18 staff in total. Please enjoy the character voice of large volume. Vocal with music, including the theme song “Kirinonegai” also must listen! Chara CG number, event CG number, the amount of text, over the prior work in all respects, is a blockbuster!

※ currently in OS6.0 terminal, in rare cases we have problems playing anomaly of a very short time of the BGM is generated has been confirmed. There is no problem with the progress of the game, but the customers you have a corresponding terminal is we ask that you can confirm at 試遊.

※ If you are exposed play video ※
The public range is limited. Please refer always following the “Guidelines”.

★ capture and information exchange in the [KEMCO capture Square] ★
Otasuke post site with other users!

To get started, you shall be your agreement to the following terms and conditions.
Here to get the latest information!
[E-mail magazine for smartphone of Chemco]
[Official Facebook page]
[Official Twitter account]
[Chemco official site]

(C) 2015 KEMCO
(C) 2015 dwango

※ The contact of bugs or problems, please let us know from the “Contact Us” in the title screen. Is to contact us in the review feedback is delayed, support work will be difficult.

See detail information:


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