LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 – It is the official side story third installment of the "LOOP THE LOOP". It is recommended that you read until the "vortex of conflicting" (free) first.

LTLサイドストーリー vol.3

It is the official side story third installment of the "LOOP THE LOOP". It is recommended that you read until the "vortex of conflicting" (free) first.

LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 0LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 1LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 2LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 3LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 4LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 5LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 6LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 7LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 8LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 9LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 10LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 11LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 12LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 13LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 14LTLサイドストーリー vol.3 screenshot 15

It is the official side story third installment of the “LOOP THE LOOP”. It is recommended that you read until the “vortex of conflicting” (free) first.
Back and incidents that did not fully drawn in the main, such as past and of each character, the short story is 24.

I do not think official, even a little playfully story! ?
Such as each character’s height and weight, also comes with a bonus set document seen the official setting.

※ If you have discovered a typographical errors, defects, so that you can tell us on the bulletin board, thank you very much.

● drop of the saw back
Dropwise point of view, behind the scenes is drawn.

● embers
Shimomura and Natsuko, Reservation Road.

● delicious story
To Saeki, I was dyed water was asked a shipboard cock …?

● poker showdown
Tact and gambling poker confrontation on board.

● seedlings was love
It was hard to go out Tisza rehabilitation of Saeki …?

● Sakito and kitten
It was Yuki who picked up the cat and discarded …?

● I find whereabouts
Saeki and Riku, encounter the story of.

● I only truth
Claire and Kai, two people of the old tale.

● Tekkan Akiko story
Two episodes “elopement”.

● maple birth secret story
Day maple was born, the iron pipe and Akiko …?

● dinner of brother and sister
To Saeki, we were droplets was invited to dinner …?

● The name of the ship
The Saeki gave “the name of the ship” …?

● complete recovery celebration of Shizuku
In the drops of recovery Celebration, gathered Clare and Aya …?

● Since it is clumsy
It was Remy to be invited to the movies to Erika us …?

● use for prize
Of the prize, which was hit in bingo, each way to use.

● Pamper too strictly prohibited! ?
And “there is a story,” It was Karin that were invited to Riku …?

● practice of darts
But I try to practice a little bit in front of the darts …?

● Since it is Barebare
I met Jay to work hard the hard bytes …?

● Akeome, and that Yolo
Remi us, events from Christmas of the new year.

● unexpected encounter
The tact met in the bar of Yukitsuke is …?

● anything challenge
By being invited to Claire us, it was a drop to challenge the various things …?

● If the series producer Saeki ①
Genius producer Saeki, produced the Jay!

● If the series producer Saeki ②
They had gathered to audition, just ordinary girls …?

● If series producer Saeki ③
It was Jay that was to be assembled further with Combi …?

● If Series love warriors
…… That fear of “Phantom” is compromise in indecisive Remi?

※ even without reading, the sequel will not understand.
※ On top of that, people want to enjoy more the world of LTL, for those who want to know the part that is not fully drawn, it is recommended.


◆ What is sweet ampoule (aka-sweet medicine / Amayaku)?
A team that created a visual novel-novel game.
The main work, LTL (LOOP THE LOOP) series, anti-Lloyd, Whiteboard Odo,
Waiting in cat park, the devil will include series only whisper.


● It is a terminal-only capable of Japanese display.
● touch operation only to you correspond.
● to save the SD card is required.

Android2.3 or more

I’m sorry but the application is novel that written in ONLY Japanese.

Detail information:


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