Dolphin Divers – A small island in the sea, the challenge of boys and girls who had the dream begins!The near future youth love adventure! !

Dolphin Divers

A small island in the sea, the challenge of boys and girls who had the dream begins!The near future youth love adventure! !

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AXL is give “Dolphin Divers” appeared on smartphone!
When the near future! A small island in the sea, the challenge of boys and girls who had the dream begins!
This game is a love adventure game.
Touch the screen, it will become friends with heroine advances the story!

※ By releasing the lock scenario, all the main part of the scenario you will be able to play.
Scenario unlock key will be 864 yen (including tax).

Genre: futuristic youth love adventure
Original: Noriyuki included with this Hisashi
Scenario: north Samu囲
Voice: None
Storage: about 443MB use

■■■ ■■■ Story
Tourist destination was the small island “Naginoshima (Nagi Island of)”.
It has now become only the forgotten island there is a small supply harbor.
In order islanders we revived the island, First of all, an attempt to lure young people, decided to receive a grant from the country, to establish a maritime training school.

To the newly established “public Nagino maritime training school” is, in the mercenary the tuition became cheaper, young people who wish the success of the sea were gathered.
One graduating class the men’s 10 people, a total of 15 members of the women’s five. So, he did not gather only only 15 people. Moreover, of which two islands of human beings.

Hero parents is a boy who lost in a marine accident, came to school and want to eliminate the accident, such as parents.
However, marine accidents after that also without having to come to play in the sea and being chased in life, because it was about teaching pool at the school, it is not at all accustomed to the sea, by the seasick on the ship coming to the island it is start from de amateur much to that seen in the strange eyes from the surrounding.

The ultimate goal of the school is to take the best of the S rank in the national examination of salvage. In want to pass many people in this S rank, since it is not an exaggeration to say that is the rating of the school, in order to have come to a number of junior future also, it would be to aim as high as possible rank.

Initially, it was was unreliable protagonists, while being surrounded by the care of a good island people and gentle, and united gradually through the efforts of the hero, a number of training and sudden accident, it has grown to overcome the friction of human relationships go.

Blue and the sea, the story of a little based on the future of gadgets, draw the usual friendly human relations.

※ content for mobile will be arranged. Please note that there may be different from the original work.

copyright: (C) AXL

Download apk file:


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