[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 – – Help -Girl and solve the mystery alone with two people!A little sad a little eerie.Studio behind closed doors, escape youth adventure!

[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋

– Help -Girl and solve the mystery alone with two people!A little sad a little eerie.Studio behind closed doors, escape youth adventure!

[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 0[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 1[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 2[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 3[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 4[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 5[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 6[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 7[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 8[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 9[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 10[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 11[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 12[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 13[Premium]脱出 2人きりの部屋 screenshot 14

without ads from the beginning When you purchase a premium version and physical fitness unlimited!
※ Normal version is also being distributed to play for free until the ending! Search for “escape two people alone with the room!”

Tied was the hero in the chair behind closed doors.
In front of the eyes, was wearing shackles women.
From behind closed doors alone with two Escape together a force!

It overlooks muzzles in the behind closed doors, trying to escape by solving the mystery girl and two people!
When all of the mystery and the memories will become apparent, the truth of the incident show up! ?

■ backroom studio escape youth adventure!
Escape adventure game that mystery has been packed into one room!
Up, down, left and right, trying to solve the mystery overlooking Innovation glue in the room!

■ 3 types of multiple endings!
In the “memory” is released with a certain condition is satisfied,
Two memories are told in Novell ADV form.
And that certain conditions are met when the game is clear, ending the branch into three!
Aim the TRUE END the truth of the incident is drawn!

★ capture and information exchange in the [KEMCO capture Square] ★
Otasuke post site with other users!
To get started, you shall be your agreement to the following terms and conditions.
Here to get the latest information!
[E-mail magazine for smartphone of Chemco]
[Official Facebook page]
[Official Twitter account]
[Chemco official site]

(C) 2016 KEMCO

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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