Umbro – Fight against #kamikaze #Nazi plane #North Korea Missile with umbro RIGHT NOW !


Fight against #kamikaze #Nazi plane #North Korea Missile with umbro RIGHT NOW !

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Have you ever dreamt of flying?
How about time-traveling?

If you have enjoyed Inception,
or love Magritte or time-travel,
Umbro is a world you will never want to come out of. 

Umbro is simple one-tap game, 
but for those finding the movement control too difficult, 
here are some tips to get you flying.

◆ Tips◆
Try not to tap the screen for too long or else you (the flyer) will soar to the sky uncontrollably. 

2.Different aircrafts 
Each aircraft has a unique trajectory.
There is a way to avoid each of them, so don’t give up.

⁃Nazi combat plane
: They will come to you in parabolic path 

: It does suicide bombing. 

⁃Stealth aircraft
: 21c combat plane (three flights come sequentially)

⁃North Korean Missile
: They are really fast. Be careful.

: Imaginary whale flying in the sky

⁃Hot air balloon
: Homage to Rene Magritte

◆Umbro’s charming point◆
1. You can time-travel in the world of Umbro. 
Aircrafts and buildings will change as you make progress and leap through different centuries. 

2. Experiencing sunset and sunrise 

3. Changing weather
It will rain and snow randomly, but you don’t need any umbrella. 

It may be difficult at first, but let’s not be discouraged.
Humanity has beaten a 2000 cpu-powered Alpha-go. 

So let’s fly together.
You will feel like being in a dream. Enjoy!


To Readers,

Umbro is a game made by eight game enthusiasts in a span of one month. 
It is a collaborative effort between Capsulr and team ‘Billionaire’, namely
Project Capsulr X Billioanaire. 

If you have any questions/feedback, feel free to contact us below.

SNS : facebook_com/capsulrx
email :

Download apk file for your android phone:


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