Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition – One tap game takes you through galaxies into deep space, using gravity assist.

Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition

One tap game takes you through galaxies into deep space, using gravity assist.

Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 0Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 1Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 2Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 3Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 4Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 5Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 6Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 7Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 8Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 9Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 10Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition screenshot 11

★ Travel through galaxies into deep space and manipulate gravity in this one tap game ★

✩ 32 different spaceships to unlock
✩ 6 different stages in Expedition mode, each galaxy with its own theme
✩ Chilling background music by Stellardrone

★ This is a simple, yet challenging game
★ Unique experience packed in a galactic journey
★ Use the gravitational force of the planets and try to reach the edge of the universe
★ Put your skills, concentration and patience to the test
★ Play cosmic endless mode or explore galaxies
★ Find out how to avoid asteroids and how to escape the gravity of black holes

0 – 10 ……… You are new at this, aren’t you?
11 – 25 ……. Ok, you are getting better.
26 – 50 ……. Not bad.
51 – 150 ….. Wow, are you some nephew of N. Armstrong or something?
151 – 250 … You’re gonna be the first man on Mars!
251 – 350 … A true Graviteer!
351 – 500 … Interstellar voyager on a quest
501 – ??? …. Impossible!

So … do you have what it takes to be the best Graviteer there is?

If you are experiencing any issues or bugs, please DO contact us at

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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