Landingship – Control your spaceship to a landing.


Control your spaceship to a landing.

Landingship screenshot 0Landingship screenshot 1Landingship screenshot 2Landingship screenshot 3Landingship screenshot 4Landingship screenshot 5Landingship screenshot 6Landingship screenshot 7Landingship screenshot 8Landingship screenshot 9Landingship screenshot 10Landingship screenshot 11Landingship screenshot 12Landingship screenshot 13Landingship screenshot 14Landingship screenshot 15

Landingship to control the landing craft. Using only two buttons It is the goal of the game Sounds easy, right? It might not be the challenge of the game is to control the angle of the vehicle. Pressure from jets Vehicles will have to move in a different direction. You have to catch the rhythm shifts to the precise degree of speed to vehicles moving in the right direction. But if it’s easy for you to do. We have added another challenge is the hurdle that you will encounter. The acid water If you do fall into your vehicle’s unmistakable and sharp thorns that just touch your little craft was shattered.

– If you are going to land soon = death.
– If your vehicle into a pond acid = death.
– If your vehicle strikes a thorn = death.
– Hit the wall = death

Die die die die alone Understanding it

30 Mission and growing, according to the update.

Download apk file for android:


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