FA-Bee – FA-Bee



FA-Bee screenshot 0FA-Bee screenshot 1FA-Bee screenshot 2FA-Bee screenshot 3FA-Bee screenshot 4FA-Bee screenshot 5FA-Bee screenshot 6FA-Bee screenshot 7FA-Bee screenshot 8FA-Bee screenshot 9FA-Bee screenshot 10FA-Bee screenshot 11FA-Bee screenshot 12FA-Bee screenshot 13FA-Bee screenshot 14FA-Bee screenshot 15FA-Bee screenshot 16FA-Bee screenshot 17FA-Bee screenshot 18FA-Bee screenshot 19FA-Bee screenshot 20

FA-Bee is a simple 2D game but very well known by the attraction of it .
Players simply touch and just touch the screen to relay the “FA” bee pass obstacles . The obstacles are the stumps appear randomly with very small chink which is requires you to be truly skillful in order to help your bee flying pass the stumps.

Besides, Game have animated wallpaper which help your screen become a great and unique .The “FA” bees fly through the stumps, each failure will stabbing head to the ground and turn to the other bee. Our bees look really cute with this one.

The main function of the Game FA-Bee:
• Fly effects are smooth , lively sound.
• The alternation of flying routes and bees.
• Stumps appear randomly and increases with the level of difficulty.

How to use the wallpaper of FA-Bee Game:
• Home> Menu > Live Wallpaper > FA-Bee

Wish you have fun and keep your machines carefully !

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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