Poo Face – Now you have a whole sky! Now you can enjoy adventure poop!

Poo Face

Now you have a whole sky! Now you can enjoy adventure poop!

Poo Face screenshot 0Poo Face screenshot 1Poo Face screenshot 2Poo Face screenshot 3Poo Face screenshot 4Poo Face screenshot 5Poo Face screenshot 6Poo Face screenshot 7Poo Face screenshot 8Poo Face screenshot 9Poo Face screenshot 10Poo Face screenshot 11Poo Face screenshot 12Poo Face screenshot 13Poo Face screenshot 14Poo Face screenshot 15Poo Face screenshot 16Poo Face screenshot 17Poo Face screenshot 18Poo Face screenshot 19Poo Face screenshot 20Poo Face screenshot 21Poo Face screenshot 22Poo Face screenshot 23Poo Face screenshot 24

Now you have a whole sky! Now you can enjoy adventure poop!
new game 2015 poo face ,Help to jump from the toilet to another, tried to prevent the fishing eagle bird!, Toilet Treasures from constipation poo and to use the bathroom to get the big possible number of points with the help of toilet paper! and without plumber!

Our friends from Poo face Jump are back! You still have to keep Poo face safe from the mean flies, but this time you have a huge range of power ups to help you fight back.

Poo face brought friends this time too, you can collect them all by picking up the coins in the game, or you can jump Poo face ups!

This is the biggest Poo face game so far, we’re thrilled that you’re enjoying them so much. Have fun with happy Poo face fall.

It is amazing! game , get adventure poo face!
beauty face! poo will open incredible ability poop, reaching success in the game you’ll get a new experience with crazy shit jump and tour in the sky.

There are some great power ups in poo Jump game. The best one is the rocket. It will boost you to limitless sky. It will protect you from poo face .

This demo version has 10 easy levels, 3 medium, and 3 hard levels.
How to play?
1. Tilt phone to move tap the screen to Jump the poo .Get as high as you can.
2. Touch the screen before the fall to delay your fall.
3. Increasing excitement and challenge as you advance in the game to the top.
4. Game quick intelligence and light on your phone or your plate
5. Images and Voices of our personality poo face and very high quality
6. Comfortable colors to the eye
7. poo face jump( Just touch any face with one finger and drag another finger anywhere on space).

game Poo face jump always dreamed of being shiny, and you can make those dreams come true. Rub the screen as fast as you can to polish poo face.

With poo face, you and a friend can polish poo face together, and race to see who can make poo face happy first.

Everyone loves game poo face.

Endless fun, there’s always more poop to jump.

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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