Plasticine adventures – Retro game of real clay for all arcade lovers of all ages.

Plasticine adventures

Retro game of real clay for all arcade lovers of all ages.

Plasticine adventures screenshot 0Plasticine adventures screenshot 1Plasticine adventures screenshot 2Plasticine adventures screenshot 3Plasticine adventures screenshot 4Plasticine adventures screenshot 5Plasticine adventures screenshot 6Plasticine adventures screenshot 7Plasticine adventures screenshot 8Plasticine adventures screenshot 9Plasticine adventures screenshot 10Plasticine adventures screenshot 11Plasticine adventures screenshot 12Plasticine adventures screenshot 13

Introducing the first game from plasticine for Android. More than 30 levels manually sculpted by our master! All this is combined with an exciting plot and funny dialogues. The game is suitable for people of all ages. Plasticine graphics will fill adventure retro feeling of the old games.
The game distributes the charge since the game is creativity from the point of view of modeling objects from clay. We do not want to interrupt the process of your game are stupid and not who do not need advertising.
Every jump is a sign of acknowledgement of our work, and we would classify this as a subscription to our future work and updates.
Download now and be sure that new levels are waiting for you!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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