Petualangan Samson dan Dahlia – Let's play the samson mighty adventure. collect points sebanyaknya

Petualangan Samson dan Dahlia

Let’s play the samson mighty adventure. collect points sebanyaknya

Petualangan Samson dan Dahlia screenshot 0Petualangan Samson dan Dahlia screenshot 1Petualangan Samson dan Dahlia screenshot 2Petualangan Samson dan Dahlia screenshot 3Petualangan Samson dan Dahlia screenshot 4

Stories about everyday Samson rolling in using its power to help others. Although it is often used as a scapegoat by Beno (Handhyka Pratt) and her friends, Omen (Brian Austin Mauritz) and Ochi (Good Alie Akbar) for all the bad things that exist, Samson (adul) never revenge. Samson also trying to get as close as Dahlia (Melody Prima)

Are you a fan of Samson (adul)? We hope you enjoy this game.
This game is a game in the face of obstacles, continue permaianan samson to collect coins which continue to the next level. The same game with the thrill of the game flappy birds, BoBoiBoy or Upin Ipin, just pack in an adventure game, with three main levels, namely easy, medium and hard where each level has different difficulty levels.

How to play Adventure samson and dahlia
– To play simply touch the screen to jump
– Collect coins to score high points, and avoid falling to the ground
– Jump over obstacles
– Jump and run to the end of the finish

– 3 different levels (easy, medium, hard)
– Free Games
– 115 different levels
– For all ages, suitable for children and adults
– Adventure game free

See more information and download apk file for android:


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