Apocalypse – City Quake Escape – The city is a mess after the earthquake… Help them at this EMERGENCY moment!

Apocalypse - City Quake Escape

The city is a mess after the earthquake… Help them at this EMERGENCY moment!

Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 0Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 1Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 2Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 3Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 4Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 5Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 6Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 7Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 8Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 9Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 10Apocalypse - City Quake Escape screenshot 11

The city is a mess! Disaster has struck and people all over need help! They’re looking volunteers like you to rescue people and pets and help put the city back together again. Are you up for the challenge?

In City Quake, explore the ruins of the city. Look around and under cars, rescue people and items from fires, pull things from debris, and pick up important items in the empty streets! The whole city is looking for help, and you can be a hero today! Keep your eyes peeled and find everything that’s hidden and missing in this hidden object game. With great people like you, this earthquake won’t keep the city down!
– Earthquake disaster themed hidden object game.
– Multiple city scenes of disaster: abandoned buildings and cars, fires, scattered debris, empty streets, and more!
– Easy to use controls to tap and select items.
– Challenging levels and modes of play.

– Picture Puzzles – put the hidden scene together!
– Silhouette Mode – use the shadows to solve the clues!
– Word Mode – Decipher the word lists and know the truth!


– Select 1 of 3 different but equally fun game modes!
– Purchase a new map to discover all the levels!
– Buy hints to solve the puzzles if you need help!

See detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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