Feed The UFO – UFO is attacking again and it is hungry! Feed the UFO to stay alive!

Feed The UFO

UFO is attacking again and it is hungry! Feed the UFO to stay alive!

Feed The UFO screenshot 0Feed The UFO screenshot 1Feed The UFO screenshot 2Feed The UFO screenshot 3Feed The UFO screenshot 4Feed The UFO screenshot 5

Game goal is to feed the UFO as much as possible and only way to do is by shooting other people.

UFO says what kind of food it wants to eat, and player stays alive as long as UFO is fed. Beware that if you don’t feed the UFO for long time there is a lighting bolt waiting for you and believe us, it is gonna hurt.

You are shooting the targets by using souls, note that souls are limited, once you use them all and there is no way to get them back, game is over!

As you progress in the game, it gets even more difficult and exciting! Login via your Google account to unlock several achievements we’ve prepared for you to enjoy the game even more! By logging in with Google account, you can also check how you are doing compared to your friends, or even people all around the world with the help of leader boards.

Make sure to check the tutorial simply by clicking the tutorial button to remember game rules.

Have fun, don’t forget to rate and recommend this amazing game!

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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