Running Cat – This is a FREE adventure game

Running Cat

This is a FREE adventure game

Running Cat screenshot 0Running Cat screenshot 1Running Cat screenshot 2

Running cat is an adventure game, for all fans of cats.

In this game you can test your reflexion, and get more experiences by completing all levels, in the three different modes easy, normal, and hard. each level contains different obstacles, and also you can gather cookies ( Garfield’s favorite diner) which you can find on track.
The goal is to keep running and finish the track by avoiding obstacles ( Dog houses, ghosts, books, and a trash cans), and gather cookies as much as you can to challenge your friends, because it’s not easy to gather them all, and finally make sure to stay on the track and do not fall or touch the water, however you will repeat the stage from the beginning . There’s also some helping points that can make you jump higher, and run faster.

+ Game Features +

– A 100% FREE adventure game any time you want, and as much as you want.
– Three different modes to challenge your skills.
– Gather as much as you can of cookies, to challenge your friends.
– 2D High quality running game.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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