Adventures in Secret Temple – Search & find hidden objects in the mysterious temple before you finally escape

Adventures in Secret Temple

Search & find hidden objects in the mysterious temple before you finally escape

Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 0Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 1Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 2Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 3Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 4Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 5Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 6Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 7Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 8Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 9Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 10Adventures in Secret Temple screenshot 11

It’s a legend that a huge treasure was hidden somewhere in the secret temples. You, as a brave adventurer driven by curiosity, want to know whether the legend is true or not, and you must have a look!

When you enter the temple, you find the legend is true, but the attractive treasure is hidden in different places and you’ve already sensed a trace of danger. The clock is ticking. Find all the hidden objects before you escape, you will live. So, hurry up, take your treasure run away!!!

-Timed Challenge & SUPER BLITZ MODE!
3 different but equally fun game modes!
Try all of them and challenge your Hidden Object skills!

-Pictures! – A Kid Friendly Mode
-Silhouettes! – Challenging Silhouettes and Shadows!
-Traditional! – We give you a word, you find the object!

See if you can find them all!
Forget all the point and click adventures and dive right into Secret Mysteries!
FREE TODAY! Download Secret Mysteries! NOW to explore and unlock the full adventure inside!

Wanna have more games? We would love to hear from you!

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