Hidden Crimes – Secret Escape – Top selling hidden object adventure game is all FREE!Solve mystery & escape now!

Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape

Top selling hidden object adventure game is all FREE!Solve mystery & escape now!

Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape screenshot 0Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape screenshot 1Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape screenshot 2Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape screenshot 3Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape screenshot 4Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape screenshot 5Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape screenshot 6Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape screenshot 7

This free fun hidden objects game offers a secret escape to the best adventure of solving puzzles and mysteries.

Through different places in time where you get to explore and if you’re lucky, find all the evidence you need to solve each puzzle card! With different levels, the more puzzles you solve, the more levels you unlock. Use your time traveling kills to solve cards by reading words, spotting silhouettes, and finding pictures. Not everyone is so lucky that they get to use the power of time travel, so make the most of it! Don’t be afraid to ask for hints if you get stuck, and be sure to read through each level so you don’t miss anything!

Product Features:
Fun time travel themed hidden objects game.
Easy to use controls for finding evidence and objects in each puzzle card.
Three awesome game modes: Traditional, Timed Challenge, and Super Blitz!
Three different search modes: Pictures, Silhouettes, and Traditional!
Read the map to discover all the levels.

Stuck? Use hints!
Try all modes to challenge your finding skills!
Solve a puzzle to unlock more levels!

How to Play;
Use interactive controls to explore your lucky time travel powers.
Choose a gaming mode: Traditional, Timed Challenge, or Super Blitz!
Choose a search mode: Pictures, Silhouettes, or Traditional!
Use a map to find all the card levels.
Find evidence to solve each card and unlock levels.
Buy hints if you’re stuck.

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Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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