Ninja’s Honor – Release the Ninja Warrior within you!

Ninja's Honor

Release the Ninja Warrior within you!

Ninja's Honor screenshot 0Ninja's Honor screenshot 1Ninja's Honor screenshot 2Ninja's Honor screenshot 3Ninja's Honor screenshot 4Ninja's Honor screenshot 5Ninja's Honor screenshot 6

These are difficult times. The forests have been infested by rock-throwing golems and slimy snails who are bend on destroying the way of the Ninja.

Assist our hero, as she fights her way through the dangerous forest, to fight for her people, to show that there is honor in being a ninja warrior . Each new level brings a new threat, the next more difficult that the last. Shifty ground, poisonous mushrooms, raining knives, it’s all normal for our daring hero. It has even been rumoured that the golems evolve as the levels progress.

Catch the excitement and fun by redeeming this ninja’s honour….

Detail information and download apk file:


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