Lost Jewels – Hidden Objects – Solve puzzles & secrets, find mysteriously lost tiara in the enchanted world!

Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects

Solve puzzles & secrets, find mysteriously lost tiara in the enchanted world!

Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 0Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 1Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 2Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 3Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 4Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 5Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 6Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 7Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 8Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 9Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 10Lost Jewels - Hidden Objects screenshot 11

Visiting a magical world full of hidden objects and wonderful creatures, along with secrets, puzzles and riddles to solve! The princess awaits you in the best puzzle adventure game! Help her to retrieve the stolen jewels!

There are three hidden object puzzles to play – incredible pictures, astounding silhouette and unbelievable word lists! Each option has new, exciting challenges to offer – but don’t wait too long to solve them! The clock is ticking fast! Need a little help? Purchase extra clues to help get yourself out of those tight spots, and use the map to help you navigate between levels!

Find all that is hidden in this mystical realm! Journey to a new land you never knew existed! Lost Jewels – Hidden Objects opens up a world of possibilities – and a world of fun!

– Picture Puzzles – put the hidden scene together!
– Silhouette Mode – use the shadows to solve the clues!
– Word Mode – Decipher the word lists and know the truth!

– Select 1 of 3 different but equally fun game modes!
– Keep an eye on the clock…time is precious!
– Buy hints to solve the puzzles if you need help!

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