Find Everything: Hidden Object – Join the adventure to seek and find objects & explore the fun of solving puzzles

Find Everything: Hidden Object

Join the adventure to seek and find objects & explore the fun of solving puzzles

Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 0Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 1Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 2Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 3Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 4Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 5Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 6Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 7Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 8Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 9Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 10Find Everything: Hidden Object screenshot 11

The cutest hidden objects puzzle game is free on your android phone! Let’s play hide and seek with objects, hunt for mysteries, and uncover secrets along adventure games.

Toys and everything else are all over the place! It looks like some kids were having a wild party in this house. There are cute robots on the floor, play items strewn about the chairs, even movie robots stuck between the couch cushions. Somebody’s got to find a way out of all this mess, and that somebody is you!

Three different kinds of puzzle levels await you. Picture matching levels require you to look at the images and compare them on the screen, finding every object on the list in order to escape. Silhouette stages make it so you have to seek the objects based on their shadow. Word lists are the most challenging escape puzzle. Here you only have a text list, you have to locate and click the items yourself!

Who would have thought kids could make a mess this big? It’s a disaster in here, and you’re the only one who can put things back in their place. Play a fun seek and find item game as you search through the puzzle levels and find cute movie robots all over the place. The kids’ party is over, but that doesn’t mean the puzzles have been solved!

– Play a cute and challenging seek and find room escape game.
– Search through items as you solve puzzles after the kids’ movie robot party.
– Three types of hidden object levels: item pictures, silhouette, and word lists.
– Tons of items to seek out, collect and match.
– An easy to use map to help you discover the levels.

How to Play:
– Look carefully at each screen as you try to locate and match items.
– Tap an item to collect it.
– Navigate through the puzzles using the convenient map.
– If you get stuck, you can buy hints to help you out.

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