EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- – The energized sequel to "Escape from Vampire Mansion" is finally here!


The energized sequel to "Escape from Vampire Mansion" is finally here!

EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 0EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 1EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 2EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 3EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 4EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 5EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 6EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 7EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 8EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 9EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 10EscapeFromVampire2-RoomEscape- screenshot 11

The energized sequel to “Escape from Vampire Mansion” is finally here!
This time the action takes place in a church, and you won’t believe how many stages and challenges there are! What’s more, there are now TWO main characters! In addition to Alan (the hero from the original game) you can now control the heroine Alice as well!
The controls are easy to use, so everyone is sure to enjoy the game whether they’ve played the original or not.

*Game Outline
It’s been several years since Alan rescued his childhood playmate Alice from the vampire…
Since then they’ve lived happy and peaceful lives.
All of a sudden, possibly as a result of his life-and-death struggle with the vampire, something horrible happens to Alan. A priest lures him into a church and…
Their days of peace and tranquility have come to an end.
With only 3 days before the sentence is to be carried out Alice sets out on her own to save Alan from the church and says to herself, “This time, I’LL do the rescuing!”

*Use both characters to solve puzzles with the “character-swap system”
In addition to the “transformation system” that was a hit in the original game, players can now operate TWO characters! Being able to operate both characters opens up whole new possibilities for solving riddles. You’ll also enjoy the way the dialogue changes depending on the point of view of the character.

*Solve puzzles with “instant memory”
Alice has the ability to memorize strange codes and symbols, so there’s no need to write anything down. When you’re stuck on a puzzle you’ll be able to reference her memory instantly!

*Collect information from colorful support characters to solve riddles!
There are many support characters who will help Alice and Alan in this game!
They’ll drop hints and exchange items with you!
The episodes involving the support characters are not to be missed!

*Other features
It’s loaded with hints, so don’t worry about getting stuck!
Recommended for everyone from beginners to escape game and horror game fans!
The simple and intuitive controls add to the fun!
The rich storyline far exceeds the original, and the plentiful event scenes are a must-see!

*The “Escape From…” game series boasts a total of 500,000 downloads
The 1st game in the series is “Escape Game Solve the Seven Wonders”
This horror game is set in a classroom late at night.
You must deal with the 7 unnatural phenomena that occur at this unpopular school!
The eerie atmosphere is charming!

The 2nd game in the series is “Escape from Vampire Mansion”
 The 1st of the vampire games.
 If you want to find out how Alan became a vampire then now is your chance to download this game!

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-Escape From Vampire Mansion
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-Survival Rate 0% – Escape from the Subway!
-Escape Game “He’s Giving Up on Courage” series

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– CUTE5 powered by Hiiragisoft –

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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