Ninja Kid – A fast paced, action packed infinite flying runner.

Ninja Kid

A fast paced, action packed infinite flying runner.

Ninja Kid screenshot 0Ninja Kid screenshot 1Ninja Kid screenshot 2Ninja Kid screenshot 3Ninja Kid screenshot 4Ninja Kid screenshot 5Ninja Kid screenshot 6Ninja Kid screenshot 7Ninja Kid screenshot 8Ninja Kid screenshot 9Ninja Kid screenshot 10Ninja Kid screenshot 11Ninja Kid screenshot 12Ninja Kid screenshot 13Ninja Kid screenshot 14Ninja Kid screenshot 15Ninja Kid screenshot 16Ninja Kid screenshot 17

Travel through a multitude of environments in this fast paced, fun, running game with a twist. Ninja Kid has wings! Run, fly, avoid obstacles and collect a multitude of power ups. Using power ups at the right time can help you get out of tight situations!

Power ups give you abilities such as shields, speed boosts and revives. Collect coins and purchase power ups from the shop! You can also use coins to purchase different trails.

Once you get the hang of things and are getting epic high scores, post it to Facebook and compare your scores with your friends!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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