Sword King – Slay monsters and craft swords. Become the Sword King.

Sword King

Slay monsters and craft swords. Become the Sword King.

Sword King screenshot 0Sword King screenshot 1Sword King screenshot 2Sword King screenshot 3Sword King screenshot 4Sword King screenshot 5Sword King screenshot 6Sword King screenshot 7Sword King screenshot 8Sword King screenshot 9Sword King screenshot 10Sword King screenshot 11Sword King screenshot 12Sword King screenshot 13Sword King screenshot 14

Slay monsters and craft swords. Become the Sword King.

Sword King is an adventure role playing clicker incremental game. It features one finger game play perfect for a quick 5 minute break. It’s super simple in which you will slay monsters, gain gold and craft swords. Be careful, it’s addictive. Upgrade your swords and see how high you can go.

Are you the mighty warrior they claim to be? Do you have the ultimate sword? Are you the sword king? Slay the mighty Dragon and claim it’s hoard of treasure. Untold richness awaits.

– Quick 5 minute gameplay.
– Dozens of beautiful crafted sword and blade designs.
– Unique upgrading system with special scrolls to boost your chances.
– Treasure chests, double gold events, rare unique monsters and quests.
– A dragon. Yes, an awesome dragon. Slay it for a chance on the treasure wheel feature.
– Build up your Kingdom to produce gold for you. You even gain gold when you’re away from the game.
– Incremental RPG game which allows you to keep making better swords and slay more awesome monsters.
– Play as much as you want, there is no energy or stamina features in this game. It’s a free to play game with the occasional advertisement.

Keep grinding for the ultimate sword.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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