Дракула: Воскрешение – Blood-curdling adventure in the heart of Transylvania

Дракула: Воскрешение

Blood-curdling adventure in the heart of Transylvania

Дракула: Воскрешение screenshot 0Дракула: Воскрешение screenshot 1Дракула: Воскрешение screenshot 2Дракула: Воскрешение screenshot 3Дракула: Воскрешение screenshot 4Дракула: Воскрешение screenshot 5Дракула: Воскрешение screenshot 6Дракула: Воскрешение screenshot 7

London. 1904. After defeating Dracula and his complete destruction of seven years have passed. Jonathan Harker discovers that his wife Maina fled from London and went to the castle of Count in Transylvania. What if Lane will once again be at the mercy of evil? What if Dracula is still alive? Try to keep calm … and the blood itself! Your fight with Dracula began, and she peppered hazardous puzzles and hooks.

About the game
• A fascinating story, which will keep the tension from beginning to end;
• The frightening atmosphere created by Bram Stoker, carefully put into practice;
• This game is not just a port with a PC – version adapted specially for touch-screen and mobile platforms.

Warning! The game is not supported by Android 5.0 version

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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