Tale To Tell – When Alice in Wonderland is twisted. Help Alice get through the journey!

Tale To Tell

When Alice in Wonderland is twisted. Help Alice get through the journey!

Tale To Tell screenshot 0Tale To Tell screenshot 1Tale To Tell screenshot 2Tale To Tell screenshot 3Tale To Tell screenshot 4Tale To Tell screenshot 5Tale To Tell screenshot 6Tale To Tell screenshot 7Tale To Tell screenshot 8Tale To Tell screenshot 9Tale To Tell screenshot 10Tale To Tell screenshot 11Tale To Tell screenshot 12Tale To Tell screenshot 13Tale To Tell screenshot 14

Help Alice to get back home! Tale to Tell is a twist of Alice in Wonderland. It is a fantastic story of the journey Alice has to take on. The fantasy world that is much far away from imagination is waiting for you!


▶ Strategic Battles
The best strategy is required for every battle. Even the game play is simple, just one mistake can put you in a tough situation

▶ Get Alice back home
Alice didn’t expect this journey, she would rather enjoy her peaceful life. Magic was put in her hand and she has to make use of it to make way home

▶ Magic vs Magic
It is all about magic in Tale To Tell. Choose the right spell to take advantage in the battle. Upgrade wisely. The spells you learned defines your possible tactics

Tale to Tell will take you to the other world. The world of fantasy beyond imagination. The game is suitable for all age. The game is fun and challenging. Enjoy!

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