Star Turtle 64 – Take to the stars as a turtle in search of its home.

Star Turtle 64

Take to the stars as a turtle in search of its home.

Star Turtle 64 screenshot 0Star Turtle 64 screenshot 1Star Turtle 64 screenshot 2Star Turtle 64 screenshot 3

Game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 30. Not optimised, will probably run incredibly slowly on your device. You’ve been warned.


It is the distant future. The world is engulfed by ocean. The creatures of the sea have gained enough sapience to leave their home planet in search of sandy beaches and rocky outcrops to call home.

You are the last turtle. The spirit of the Elder Turtle stirs you to search for your brethren. You must rejoin your kind and become one with the Elder Turtle. You must search the ends of the galaxy to unite with your turtle kind.

Then, and only then, can you become the Star Turtle.


“The biological accuracy displayed here is impressive. I learned much from Star Turtle I did not know before…the ways of the Turtle have been lost on me until now.”

-Jordan Cross, Herpetologist

“****1/2. Outstanding.”

-Playboy Magazine

“I have been working hard to ensure that every American family can have a pet turtle in their home by 2020. Interactive media such as ‘Star Turtle 64’ brings us one step closer to our goal. For that, I duly must thank them for supporting a most worthy and historically important social cause. History will surely thank us.”

-Barack Obama

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