ADV 黒のコマンドメント – KEMCO – 125 km offshore, the hull will stop and feast = death game of death begins! It is possible to avoid the dreaded "command", the case reasoning the "commander"!

ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO

125 km offshore, the hull will stop and feast = death game of death begins! It is possible to avoid the dreaded "command", the case reasoning the "commander"!

ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 0ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 1ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 2ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 3ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 4ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 5ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 6ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 7ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 8ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 9ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 10ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 11ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 12ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 13ADV 黒のコマンドメント - KEMCO screenshot 14

Offshore 125 km,
Hull stops,
Death of the feast = Death game begins!

This work is you can try for free up to the middle. To read the story to the end, you will need to purchase this volume within the app.

※ If you are exposed play video ※
The public range is limited. Please refer always following the “Guidelines”.

◆ ◇ “black mail” held ◇ ◆
As a social event of the “student council Summary Council”, tanker field trip has been planned.
Student council executive of each school is collected, the ship will leave the harbor.
At that time, but it what the problem was also no.

“To distribute the mobile terminal than this. We offer a “game”, whether entertain goodwill that. “

The name of the game, “Black Mail (threatening letters)”.
And will receive a “terminal” first “directive”, all began crazy.

◆ ◇ shipboard Death game Nobel adventure! ◇ ◆
“Black command ment (black Reitatsu)”, the play of the desperate that took place on board a ship with no offshore 125 kilometers, escape = draw the particulars of the death game, is a tactical suspense novel ADV.
In high school Seiji Kuroda’s point of view, caught up in the game, try to escape from the survival and the game. To hide the identity make it possible to compel a “directive” to others “blackmail” of the rules, it is driven a passenger us to the formidable conspiracy and murder. If make a mistake the choices, as well as Seiji, it would would have been lost even the life of a childhood friend and junior. Shipboard turn into a hell. In order to survive in, and the cooperation of a reliable companion, tactical for antidepressant in passenger hostile to it is important.

◆ ◇ overwhelming content! ◇ ◆
Appointed Mr. “Tokishiyuriko” “SHOOTING Gabi Tono melody” to the illustrations. In addition, the latest novel adventure game engine know-how has been condensed from the past work, a dramatic scene depiction, easy-to-understand save data management, ON / OFF of the cruel expression, sentence skip choices jump, etc., comfortable and exciting story experience It has been achieved.
Once that reach the conclusion, … be another aspect of the truth by “that person” point of view is clear
Also complete additional accounting content “working papers” series for those who want to enjoy the story.

So, a good voyage!

[Supported OS]
 – 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1
[Supported screen]
 – HVGA (320×480) or more of size
[Xperia (TM) PLAY]
 – Optimized (Xperia PLAY Optimized)
Move to SD card]
 – Possible (. ※ This function is used to save the body capacity can not be used in the game data movement between the terminals)
 – Japanese
[Non-compatible handsets]
 – HT-03A (OS1.6), Xperia (OS1.6), Xperia (OS2.1), LYNX (OS1.6), Optimus chat (OS2.2), Sony Tablet S (OS3.2), Sony Tablet S (OS4.0), IS01 (OS1.6), IS03 (OS2.1), IS03 (OS2.2), IS04 (OS2.1), IS04 (OS2.2), Desire (OS2.2), 003Z (OS2.2), S31HW (OS2.2), Aria (OS2.2)
※ It is information as of July 30, 2015
(Japan domestic terminal was released from mobile phone carriers have been made basically the operation check. The other terminal will do with the operation guaranteed)

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(C) 2014 KEMCO

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