FLEE!-Lost Memory- – Escape adventure "FLEE!".You wander in the very large world.

FLEE!-Lost Memory-

Escape adventure "FLEE!".You wander in the very large world.

FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 0FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 1FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 2FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 3FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 4FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 5FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 6FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 7FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 8FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 9FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 10FLEE!-Lost Memory- screenshot 11

When you woke up, scenery opening there does not have the recognition,
And you did not know who oneself was either.
“Escape from here!!”
Only this word is incised on a head.

Tablets support.

Escape adventure “FLEE!”.
You wander in the very large world.
You make full use of a tool, and let’s open up a course.
What can rely on only as for your Flash!

■ Operation explanation
Movement: flick in top and bottom right and left with a screen.
touch a screen left upper arrow buttons.

Search: You acquire an item by being involved with various things in the screen and,
The opening and shutting of the door, the reshuffling of the switch are possible.

“ITEM” button: When you push on this button,list of items appears, and
you can choose max three items in same time.
You put an item together well, and please open up a course.

“MENU” button: you could return to a title, or save game’s data.

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-adventure


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