ADV 鈍色のバタフライ – KEMCO – Revealing the Dokucho that veritable flock of butterflies! I start the game murder swirling doubt!

ADV 鈍色のバタフライ - KEMCO

Revealing the Dokucho that veritable flock of butterflies! I start the game murder swirling doubt!

ADV 鈍色のバタフライ - KEMCO screenshot 0ADV 鈍色のバタフライ - KEMCO screenshot 1ADV 鈍色のバタフライ - KEMCO screenshot 2ADV 鈍色のバタフライ - KEMCO screenshot 3ADV 鈍色のバタフライ - KEMCO screenshot 4

– Each other, I thought that it is a friend. In the past also, and always will be.
Murder game that bears the name of the butterfly ask to nine boys and girls, despair and, a story of true friendship.

※ If you are exposed play video ※
The public range is limited. Please refer always following the “Guidelines”.

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And daring negotiations of character, there is a MP3 data distributed free of BGM! Please come by all means at once!

■ Find the “mastermind”
In the midst of summer vacation, and Daisuke Narukawa been imposing abducted in broad daylight (I or become Daisuke), classmates of the high school. Absurd forced march of the result, led location was facilities enigmatic strange hospital. Inevitably be made without, divided ya, awarded the “role”, the killing of the first “victim” – “Butterfly game” begins.
Other friends were withheld, role and its ability that only you can know. The “ringleader” in the killing of other players, other players and win conditions the killing of the “mastermind”. Trust reveal the role from, doubt revealed the role, the skepticism by using plunge the opponent the – in the myriad of tactics may be present, Daisuke we will try to resist the progress of the game rules for the advantage of the fact.
It even without knowing that there is in the game master in the hand.
Poison capsule that was buried in the body. Syringe of poison-filled with the “mastermind”. Malice to be strewn. Doubt. Machinations. betrayal. And it provided one after another, fear and death, filled with suffering. The game itself,’s the deadly poison Yuku violated their minds.
Wisdom, the courage, the determination, friendship, or will not be a weapon –
The survive, receive a “reward” is, Who will do?

■ suspense and thriller novels Adventure
“Butterfly of dark gray (dark gray)” is a novel game that story progresses by proceeding with text. Mainly the story proceeds in Narukawa Daisuke point of view of the main character, will Wakata his fate by the choices that appear at strategic points.
Once the game by clearing the lifting of the ban is a “hidden mode”, it will be able to peek at each character of the true feelings and back scene in the pivotal points. I do not know only one lap machinations and the “mastermind”, or the “Judge” is not give any effect on the game. Always the truth, will give you a fresh surprise.
[Supported OS]
 – 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1
[Supported screen]
 – HVGA (320×480) or more of size
[Xperia (TM) PLAY]
 – Not optimized
Move to SD card]
 – Possible (. ※ This function is used to save the body capacity can not be used in the game data movement between the terminals)
 – Japanese
[Non-compatible handsets]
 – HT-03A (OS1.6), S31HW (OS2.2)
(Japan domestic terminal was released from mobile phone carriers have been made basically the operation check. The other terminal will do with the operation guaranteed)
※ In the F-11D terminal there is a possibility that uncomfortable feeling is generated in the repeat of the BGM.
※ It is information as of July 30, 2015

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(C) 2010-2012 KEMCO / MAGITEC

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