ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) – KEMCO – Psycho suspense depicting the murder game to be forced within the club high school – everyone, Welcome to prison cursed! !

ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO

Psycho suspense depicting the murder game to be forced within the club high school – everyone, Welcome to prison cursed! !

ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 0ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 1ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 2ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 3ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 4ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 5ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 6ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 7ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 8ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 9ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 10ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 11ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 12ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 13ADV トガビトノセンリツ(体験版) - KEMCO screenshot 14

In cursed prison, Togabito sing. The sinful youth, to withstand Ikinone.
It led to the withdrawal of the murder game, 11 young men of the story.

※ If you are exposed play video ※
The public range is limited. Please refer always following the “Guidelines”.

★ “shooting Gabi Tono melody” clear for people of WEB Special Content Free public in! Played in all means here check person!

■ to prison, Welcome
Fall in the rest of the extra-curricular activities, I was invited to be suddenly abducted “prison”, I Tatsushi Kada third high school, orchestral section line of. They to imposed was the participation in the wanton murder game referred to as a “Prisoner game”.
They will try to resist the game, contrary to the will, gradually shaken by Yuku belief, madness to erosion, of each going to peel off mask – and, when all of fate became clear, they are what I will try what would be a conclusion like. It was colored by the curse of the melody, the youth of the trajectory of the 11 people Togabito, please Mitodoke.

■ Psycho suspense novels Adventure
“SHOOTING Gabi Tono melody” is a novel type adventure game in which the story progresses by proceeding with text. Choices that appear in each key point is, in a is Kazuma Takei hero, It approaches the death or life of the alternative.
Once the game by clearing the lifting of the ban is “back mode”, it will be able to peek at each character of the true feelings and back scene in the pivotal points. Truth of the apparent incident in the back mode and true ending of the story, is a must-see.

■ content greatly enhanced!
And power up significantly from the mobile phone app version of “Togabito”. Played a large screen size, image quality and sound quality is greatly improved, fully corresponding to the touch operation of the smart phone, you can comfortably read it as a digital novel.
To “fragment collection” that can read the past background of each character in the monologue form, finally the story of “walnut”, “Chizuru” appeared.
Furthermore it is forbidden if a story, that day of the case that has not been abducted in that time the mountains, it is possible to enjoy the sight of the mess orchestral part camp “if the fragment / empty anonymous had been fine” completely newly written included! Also customer who enjoy the mobile phone version, is a guarantee that you can enjoy.

 – Novell Adventure
[Supported OS]
 – 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1
[Supported screen]
 – HVGA (320×480) or more of size
[Xperia (TM) PLAY]
 – Optimized (Xperia PLAY Optimized)
Move to SD card]
 – Possible (. ※ This function is used to save the body capacity can not be used in the game data movement between the terminals)
 – Japanese
[Non-compatible handsets]
 – HT-03A (OS1.6), Xperia (OS1.6), Xperia (OS2.1), LYNX (OS1.6), IS01 (OS1.6), WX04K (OS4. 1 after the update)
※ It is information as of July 30, 2015
(Japan domestic terminal was released from mobile phone carriers have been made basically the operation check. The other terminal will do with the operation guaranteed)

※ Notice and attention
This application is the version to enjoy early in the “shooting Gabi Tono melody”, free. If you like to buy this volume within the app, you can play until the end. With the get advance payment the main charge “ADV To Gabi Tono melody (full version),” released at the time of download, we changed the app name. Please note that the product version and trial version of the game content is equivalent.

※ This game is, you can enjoy free of charge until the end of the “Prologue” full-length and the “first day”. Purchasing the main in-app purchase (including tax 525 yen) can be read to the end by receive. Others, also available for purchase within the app additional episode, and the like.

★ capture and information exchange in the [KEMCO capture Square] ★
Otasuke post site with other users!

To get started, you shall be your agreement to the following terms and conditions.

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[Chemco official site]

(C) 2011-2012 KEMCO

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